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gabrielle designs has been a creative mainstay in beaded jewelry for over 20 years. Gabrielle has had a long history of designing and beading jewelry in fine materials, including sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and fresh water pearls. She has sold her designs in small boutiques nationwide, from Nantucket to San Diego. 

Trained in architecture, Gabrielle appreciates the process of creating from the ground up, infusing form and structure with aesthetic sensitivities and pizzazz, and she also has had opportunities to employ her artistic strengths in interior design and finishes. 

Her latest line, FABric, is inspired by textiles and upholstery, combining beading with fabric to create a synergy of texture and design. FAB began with earrings - meticulously hand-sewn swatches of fabric in which each pair is a unique creation, a merging of two disparate understandings - the "sophistication of playful." She is drawn to fabric and textiles for their properties of flow and movement and seeks to mingle the tactile with the imaginative. These unparalleled and distinct statement pieces have been well-received by local artisans, and the line will be expanded into bracelets and necklaces later next year.

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